Affected services:

  • SPF New Homes

SPF New Homes Object Storage

Opened on Friday 30th November 2018, last updated

Resolved — Outage Report for spf-wordpress 5:28PM PST: System Operators notified by our team that spouting Internal Server Error 6:01PM PST: Investigate the problem and found out that the service responsible for object storage is not responding 6:10PM PST - 7:40PM PST: Trying to fix the problem by regenerating the credentials by restaging the application. 8:10PM PST: System Operators fixed the problem and apply caching to the application to make sure if this problem exist again the cache will be the fallback.

Posted by ebvjr

Investigating — Restaging of the application failed and it cause downtime.

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Investigating — We're encountered unknown error in Object Storage of SPF New Homes. we're now investigating the cause of problem.

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